Our Team

The Board of the Support Fund is composed as follows:

Mr. Reynald Jacobs. Chairman

Mrs. Barbara Delacroix – Goethals- Director

Mrs. Bénédicte Delacroix – Veldekens- Director

Mr. Bruno Delacroix- Director

Mrs Emilie Delacroix, Director

Mrs. Régine Delacroix – Deliens- Director

Mr. Roland Steisel- Director

Mrs Silvia Steisel - Director

The Board is assisted and advised in its work by a scientific adviser, Professor Rudy Van Coster, Emeritus
UGent (rudy.vancoster@ugent.be)

The Scientific Support Fund consists of nine university professors from different disciplines from all
universities. It is chaired by
Professor Rudy Van Coster, Professor Emeritus,  UGent.

The Scientific Council meets twice annually in order to review grant applications to the Support Fund and toprovide the Board with its recommendations in this respect.

It is composed as follows:

Professor Rudy Van Coster, kinderneurologie, UGent.

Professor Bea Maes, orthopedagogie, KULeuven.

Professeure Isabelle Maystadt, génétique humaine, IPG Charleroi, UNamur.

Professor Evert Thiery, neuropsychologie, UGent.

Professeur Mikhail Kissine, nerosciences, linguistique, ULBruxelles

Professeure Laurence Rousselle, Psychologie-Education,ULiège

Professeure Anne Wintgens, Psychiatrie infanto-juvénile, UCLouvain


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