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This video summarizes well the project, take a look ! 

Projects and events

The Support Fund regularly organizes events and also participates in various projects.

Here are some examples:

Visits of institutions: 

Members of the Fund regularly visit the institutions to which it provides assistance





















Gingo Community

Gingo Community is the first collaborative philanthropy platform in Belgium. This platform works on the principle of "Crowdgiving".
Crowdgiving operates on the principle of crowdfunding which allows a large number of people ("The Crowd") to donate to initiatives in which they believe. On Gingo, crowdgiving projects all have the same goal: to create maximum social impact.

The Gingo principle is simple, expert foundations in their field choose innovative projects with a social impact in Belgium.

These projects are then presented on the Gingo platform in order to make themselves known and receive the support of any donor interested in their initiative.
The Support Fund is one of the expert foundations, partners of the platform.
To see the projects selected by the Support Fund, go to the
Gingo Community platform!

 Bubble Dream 2014

In 2014, two evenings were organized for various associations working for autistic children and adults. These Bubble dream parties took the form of a parade of young Belgian creators around the theme of autism.

You can also find pictures of this event
in the Gallery


Here is a video of the event, what a show !

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