The “ Fonds de Soutien Marguerite-Marie Delacroix”(“the
Support Fund”) was formed in 1988 as a public utility institution separate from
the “Fondation Marguerite-Marie Delacroix Foundation” (“The Foundation”),
founded in 1950 by Mr. and Mrs. Jules Delacroix in memory of their daughter who
died of scarlet fever when she was 13 years old.

As the Foundation continues to manage the
medical-educational institution for disabled children and adults in Tienen,
welcoming more than 250 patients, the Support Fund seeks to help other
institutions in Belgium which are active in the same field, and also to promote
research in the field of disability prevention.

The statutes of the Support Fund provide that its purpose
is “to provide material support, through loans, contributions or other
means whatsoever, to  institutions,
associations, foundations, corporations or public bodies which seek, among
others, to provide to children and adults, whether handicapped or not, the care
which their physical or mental condition require.

The Support Fund can also promote and fund research
programs or actions to prevent the genetic, accidental or social origin of
disabilities and, in particular, to provide research grants”

The Support Fund supports therefore other institutions
under various forms, namely, scholarships,gifts, loans at advantageous rates,
rental of buildings with lower rents, etc.

The Support Fund is a foundation of public utility and is
managed by a board of directors composed of the descendants of the founders.

The Board is assisted and advised in its work by a scientific
Professor Gaston verellen, Emeritus , Université
Catholique de Louvain, Pédiatrie Néonatologie.

In addition, the Support Fund has convened a Scientific
Advisory Board
composed of ten university professors from different
disciplines from all Belgian universities. The Scientific Council meets twice a
year under the chairmanship of Professor Gaston Verellen, Professor Emeritus, Université
Catholique de Louvain, Pédiatrie Néonatologie , in order to review research
grant applications to the Support Fund and to provide the Board with its recommendations
in this respect.